Arabic bellydance is a very strong and safe weapons! And we provide the knowledge and experience of the effective use of this huge force!
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For the first time in Russia and maybe in the world appeared a unique creative project, which combines classical, symphonic music and ancient Arabic melodies!


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The report about the Bellydance school of Kamal Ballan aired on the TV channel “TNT”


Bellydance-west-name dance techniques, common in the Middle East and Arab countries. In Arabic, he is known as Raqs Sharqi, as in the Turkish-Oryantal dansi, that is, "East dance."

Bellydance —ancient Earth. Many peoples of the world have an impact and influence on the development of the dance. Therefore, it has many fronts, styles, types. Today, more than 50 styles known to the Arab dance. There are 8 basic school-Turkish belly dance, Egyptian, Pakistani, Botswana, Thailand, butanskaya, adenskaya, a Jordanian, as well as many smaller. Most common in the world received the Egyptian and Turkish schools.

Experienced dancers often vary, dance mix different elements of this statement becomes brighter, attractive, emotsionalnee. Of course, but they are not guided by any logic calculations, and listen to yourself, choosing from the variety of styles and directions of those most fully express their way of thinking and feeling. After all, dancing is not just a mechanical repetition of some Pane, it is, first of all, mood, soul, a way of expression. However, in order to choose, of course, you need to know what to choose. The more styles and directions in the belly dance you learn, the greater the scope for your interpretation, imagination, creativity.

There is a mixture of belly dance with jazz, flamenco, Latin, classical, etc.
Belly dance is constantly evolving, providing a huge field for activities. Experiment with ingenuity show! Over time, you will be sure your style, based on the internal vision of the world and themselves.

What we do?

School of Kamal Ballan is not only school, teaching "right" body movements, which "exactly correspond Arabic dance". We achieve real understanding of great culture of Arabic dance. Kamal's school is first of all school of feminity, individuality, beauty and plasticity. And the most important - it is school of great and ancient culture of beautiful and correct relationships between man and woman.

Arabic bellydanceis very strong and reliable weapon! And that is why we do not just teach movements, but first of all, give knowledge and experience of effective use of this tremendous force.

About the teacher

Main teacher is a man! One more advantage of the school that classes are led by man, who kept Arabic mentality for 100%. Many people know by experience, that studying bellydance in lonely women's group often does not give anything and finishes with no result...And it is not surprising -bellydance is aimed at cooperation of man and woman after all, and one cannot learn that, listening only to woman's opinion.

That is why under the direction of oriental man it is possle to feel, what means this ancient dance of beauty and instant feminity. And if you have any questions to woman in the process of studying, it is not a problem -in group classes there are always Kamal's assistants, which will both help and show everything you need.

From me, Kamal’ Ballan, to you about the dance: “the belly dance- secret of happiness”

Belly Dancing - it’s a genre, that connects the soul with the body, opening a path to happiness of life. It will introduce you for the first time with your body and with new feelings from the surrounding aura of air around you…

Recently, many new schools have opened, claiming they can teach belly dancing. However, many students were disappointed in these schools. The ability to dance is not enough, to call yourself a teacher. Choreography, psychology and many other aspects are needed to be able to communicate with your students successfully. And that’s not all. To teach belly dancing and dance in general- it’s not just teaching seductive techniques! In the first place, its teaching coordination, the inability to connect movement of your hands and feet, cannot be called dance. The skill of coordinated movements can be acquired through practice of special exercises, which should be practiced daily. A great teacher will offer you these exercises, which will also improve your flexibility. But the monotone repetition of mimicking the teacher is a good indicator to think about. The only thing you are guaranteed to gain from such classes – “Schwarzenegger's” muscles.

The second thing, which is indispensable to a full dance teaching, is teaching the correct listening to music. Music, especially Arabic, does not imply a random dancing - on the contrary. Turns, shakings, eights, even super-skillfully executed "star" dancer, must be performed to the music. That is, only if it is justified. Unfortunately, even the most eminent dancer and teacher can sin complete lack of understanding of musical material.

Teaching belly dancing on video is also not the best option. It may even be harmful if blindly copy the dancer on the screen. It's not that a number of teaching records contain technical errors in the performance of the elements of belly dancing. The dancer in the video has another nature and figure, another soul, another personality. You have your own personality. Love it. Like belly dancing, which is intended to reveal the uniqueness of every woman! And come to classes. You need to live communication with the teacher so that he can solve your specific problem. It would be very wise to start learning dancing individually, taking at least a few lessons (no less than five). First of all, it can help you to develop the beautiful (that is suitable to you personally) positions of the body, arms and legs in the dance, straighten your posture. Yes, private lessons will cost a bit more expensive than the group, but it is tremendously accelerate your understanding and knowledge, and also save you as a beginner dancer from psychological discomfort at injection in a dance group, where somehow everyone compares himself with others.

Summarize. Choosing a school for belly dancing classes, approach to the issue seriously. You do it for yourself, you invest your time, money and power, and the task of a competent teacher – to ensure valuable efficiency. A professional belly dancing teacher should know music, choreography, psychology, the language and the Arabic culture. The sincere belly dancing is part of an old culture and tradition and has nothing to do with a vulgar dance that can be seen in a restaurant "a-lya Vostok". Only a professional and a true fan will show you and help you to fall in love with the dance. Only with a great teacher, your first steps will evolve into a confident walk and you will be on your way to eternal happiness from your ability to have full control of your body.

Concentrate on yourself, love yourself, don't allow yourself to be fooled, and don't waste anytime making our short life on this earth more fulfilling and joyful. Everything depends on you. I will be waiting!

Arab, composer and choreographer Kamal Ballan.From me, Kamal’ Ballan, to you about the dance: “the belly dance- secret of happiness”


Photos from the concert "Soul Rirth"
Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth   Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth Photos from the concert Soul R<b>irth
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Photos from our concert "Heaven of Life" (Theater AG Jigarkhanyan, 5 December 2010)


"Love Shawl"

"The sun"

Musical performance "Zuruni"

"I am waiting for love"

"Living just for you" (guest of the concert Larisa Usheva, Almaty)


Musical performance "Nava Asar"


Musical performance "Crazy ant"


Armenian dance (Ensemble of PFUR - Cilicia)

"Fragnance of soul"


"Joy holiday"

Arabian Tango

Enta Omri / "You are my life"

Show-drums and Jazz

Scene "Unity of the world"

A brief video-familiarity with Kamal Ballan.

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